The Rising Leader Award

When Le Herron was a brand-new second lieutenant in the Army Corps of Engineers during World War II, he was out with the troops in the field on a training mission. It had been a hard day, and when the mess line was ready, he wanted to eat. But before he could be served, an old sergeant took him aside.

“Lieutenant,” he said, “when your men have been fed, if there’s any food left, then you will eat.” And while he was at it, he added,

“And after all your troops have been bedded down, if there’s a place for you to lie down, then you will sleep.”

Le was taught a lesson in two minutes about leadership that remained at the center of his beliefs. That is the essence of the Le Herron Rising Leader Award, passing on that knowledge and awarding authentic leadership.
Whether it be in the classroom, on teams, for their employers, with non-profit organizations, through charity or at church, these outstanding men and women are demonstrating the values that Le Herron displayed throughout his remarkable life. Leadership is more than just academic achievement. It’s about showing ambition, determination, compassion, empathy, and creativity when the situation calls for it. It’s having strong emotional intelligence and understanding the needs of those around you. Le Herron believed in these values, and it’s why this award was created to honor his lifetime of leadership.
By nominating a student for the Le Herron Rising Leader Award, you’re letting our community know of the outstanding work going on in Union County. Every day, there are remarkable young people changing lives for the better, and we want to hear their story and the extraordinary impact they are making. Like the old army sergeant who passed on to Le his years of leadership training through this award, we can recognize and mentor the next generation of leaders.